Option 1: Group Wholesale Root Order
1. Join our wholesale peony root order for 1 year
2. Roots arrive in the fall (typically October)
3. Roots are 3-5 eye but often larger
4. Shipping is $9/root and covers international and domestic shipping as well as customs fees
Option 2: Personal Cutting Garden Group (For The Hobbyist)
1. in option 1
2. Access to all of our peony growing and selling videos for 1 year (see above for topics)
3. An electronic copy of our book
4. Two 30-minute group calls with Midsommar Farm to ask questions (choose Sun morning or Wed evening)
Option 3: Pro Cut Flower Grower Group (Master Class For Growing And Selling Peony)
1. Everything in Option 2
2. Midsommar Farm’s income-expense spreadsheet from last year
3. Guidance on starting an LLC business
4. Electronic copy of our farm management plan and operating agreement
5. Email scripts to contact targeted florists
6. Three additional 30-minute group calls (five total) with Karen at Midsommar Farm to ask questions (choose Sat mornings or Thursday evenings)
7. Two 30-minute one-on-one calls with Karen to plan, brainstorm, and ask questions.