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Pietertje Vriend Wagenaar is a late Season double pink peony with large flowers.  The light pink petals are speckled with darker pink dots and flecks.  This was a chance seedling found near Kansas and Sarah Bernhardt.  The form is identical to Kansas, the bloom has the color of Sarah Bernhardt perhaps a bit lighter.

American Peony Society Gold Medal winner 2018, Peony of the year 2019, very good for cut-flower production and always high in demand by the florists, (Nicholas J. Friend, USA, 1996).

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Old Faithful is a late-mid season double red with very large flowers.  The petals have heavy substance, are a dark velvet red with strong stems and healthy, dark green foliage.  Very good for peony cut-flower production.

American Peony Society Gold Medal 1997, Award of Landscape Merit 2009, (Glasscock-Falk 1964).